Thanking the Academy

This year, I was fortunate enough to have been nominated for two Daytime Emmys. And although we didn’t win last night, our teams on both shows took huge pride in the recognition. I had a wonderful night of celebration with friends and colleagues. I felt like the prettiest girl at the ball.

Thank you to the Academy for the honor!

Long distance dedication

Listening to Casey Kasem every week on the radio was a major influence in me knowing I wanted to be in the entertainment business, and the things I learned from hearing his show I still use in my career today. One time I wrote him when I was a kid, and he said my name on “American Top 40”! And in a weird coincidence, his mom once lived in my hometown (Casey and I are nice, Lebanese boys from Michigan). I randomly met Casey’s son Mike in L.A. a few years ago, and he is a great guy. So sorry for his family’s loss. I always felt a kinship to Casey, as did many people in the world. Rest in peace, my radio friend. Keep reaching for the stars.

Here’s the story…

Oh my god, I just realized Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s celebrity couple name would be “Brady Bundchen”! Which is probably what they call that sitcom in Germany.

Ann B. Davis would be proud.

Ryan TV alert!

Today marks the debut of “Webheads”, a children’s game show I co-produced. Your kids will love it! (And if you don’t have kids, go out and get some! They will thank you for it.) On Nickelodeon daily at 6pm ET/PT.

Sporting a correction

Last week, I was told I was nominated for an Emmy, but this week, I was told there was a clerical error. I’m not nominated for an Emmy. I’m nominated for two! Congratulations to my other newly nominated co-producers and the rest of the team at “The Chase”, up for Outstanding Game Show!

It’s a miracle!

I was nominated for an Emmy today as one of the producers on the game show “The American Bible Challenge”! Congratulations to our team and all the other nominees. Hopefully the big man will be on our side.