Food for thought

While at the grocery store for steak and bacon, I thought they should invent a hybrid-food that’s a *combination* of steak and bacon… Steakon!

Dumb guys have all the best ideas.

Bursting at the seams

I was in a fitting room trying to squeeze into some new jeans, and I kid you not, the speakers started playing the theme to “Mission: Impossible.” In all fairness, the pants were about to self-destruct in five seconds.

Handout of town

Yesterday on the 4th of July here in L.A., the guy who’s usually at my freeway exit begging for money wasn’t there. He must’ve had the holiday off. Either that or he’s spending the 4-day weekend at his exit in Santa Barbara.

Ryan on TV…a lot

Thank you for supporting the game shows I’ve worked on! You’re already enjoying “Exit” on SyFy Tuesdays at 10. And I’m pleased to announce the debuts of two more shows. “The Chase” on GSN August 6 is going to be great fun. And the huge live event “The Million Second Quiz” begins on NBC September 9. With all these games, you’re getting a whole pack of Hopak! It’s a Pak attack!

It’s da bomb!

I think the closest I will ever get to defusing a bomb is when I’m opening a tube of crescent rolls waiting for it to pop.

Watch contestants defuse bombs n’ such on a new game show I worked on “Exit” at 10pm Tuesdays on SyFy.