Bacon needs

I just ate a whole pack of bacon. Then upon saying, “I can’t believe I ate a whole pack of bacon,” I realized it sounds like I said, “A Hopak of bacon.” That’s about right.

Live from New York… it’s every night!

Thank you all for watching Season One of a game show I helped produce “The Chase” on GSN. Season Two arrives later this fall! But to hold you over, please tune in to a show I helped develop. NBC’s nightly live game show from New York “The Million Second Quiz” hosted by Ryan Seacrest begins Monday, September 9, for two weeks. And you can actually watch contestants compete online around the clock, too! Quite an event. Enjoy!

Ships and giggles

From a fan Scott: “ROFLMFAO @ the Titanic song. I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. Best historical parody song to date.”

Thanks, Scott! I don’t know how many historical parody songs I was up against, but I’ll take the compliment!

Everyone, please enjoy “Titanic” and my other comedy songs right here. Keep smiling!


Ryan on TV

Some people claimed to have seen me on an episode of “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV. They were right! They must not have blinked. I’m in a few crowd scenes in a 2011 episode called “Chumps.” Watch for it, and have that finger on pause!